Who Are We?

Forgotten Mines is a small video game development studio and software house. We are the team behind War to the Core, the PC online MOBA-RTS game.

Our Products

Our Mission

Forgotten Mines is a uniquely creative, quality-driven, team of visionaries that efficiently collaborate to build the world's most enjoyable experiences. We specialize in building sophisticated software that is worth building and we build it right. Our innovation knows no bounds and we are empowered to build whatever delights our users. Each of us is a master of his/her craft and defines industry excellence. Our agility allows us to weather the most challenging situations and our unity keeps us focused on building software of the highest quality. We dream big and have fun making our dreams come true.


Do you offer software development services?

Typically, not. We primarily work on first party software.

You said "primarily"! What are the exceptions?

We would consider projects that are unique enough to warrant our attention. It has to be innovative, novel, or has a very strong appeal to our team.

Are you hiring?

Sometimes. If you think you are a good fit for our team, reach our team on FB here.